Pricing A&B

When I started my own practice I didn’t have a clue what to charge but it soon became evident that, if I was telling clients that I would do XY and Z for them, then I needed to charge enough money to do it, do it well, and provide a little extra for me too.

Once I’d decided what I need to charge I had to go about having those tricky conversations.

I’ll share how I went about all this when you join me online at 8pm on Tuesday 3rd.

This pricing webinar is exclusive to members of the Accounting and Bookkeeping Support Group on Facebook. It will help to get you on the right track to business success, whatever that means to you.

Sign up to join us for a 45 minute session 8pm on Tuesday 3rd September. This will be a live webinar so there will be an opportunity to ask questions via the chat facility.

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As part of our ‘Educating you and educating them’ campaign, we will make an additional contribution when you attend our webinar.