Accountants’ Retreat

The next day will be all about work!
At 9am sharp we’ll meet in the board room to work through the most common issues together, sharing our experience in support of each other. As a good business owner you probably know what you need to do but this is the opportunity to discuss how to do it. By the end of the day you will leave with a list of actions to help you over the next hurdles in your business, and with a clear idea of how to go about them. We hope that you will also have made a group of supportive business friends.
The price will be £485 per person plus the cost of your accommodation. Dinner, lunch and refreshments will be included. Depending on the location of attendees the hotel will be in the Bristol, Reading or London area .
In order to get the most out of the retreat we need to keep this to a select number of businesses with no competitive overlap (eg same geographical area or niche) so we may not be able to accommodate all applicants at this event. All attendees are expected to keep all information confidential.
If you have any questions about whether this is right for you then please book a call.
Or you can sign up below. Once accepted a £100 deposit secures your place, 50% is payable 1 month before the event, and the balance is payable in full 1 week before the Retreat.