Growing by Numbers Online course

If you own your own small business and need help to create a highly systemised business, which can function independently of the business owner whilst still generating good profits then this may be the course for you.

Presented by Della Hudson, author of ‘Growing by Numbers: how to scale up your small business’, the course will expand on the contents of the book through a number of monthly webinars and interactive Q&A sessions.

The course consists of 10 webinars which will be released each month (excluding August and December) together with a Q&A session where you will have help applying the lessons. You will receive a free copy of Growing by Numbers book and any necessary PDF worksheets

Those on the silver package will also have a monthly 1:1 telephone coaching session with Della to really help them get things done.

There’s more information below or just schedule a chat  if you’d like to discuss whether the course is right for you.

Topics covered will include:

  • Your motivation for setting up your business – business and personal goals
  • Systems and software
  • Understanding your numbers
  • Marketing strategy and your ideal client
  • Marketing online
  • Marketing offline
  • Pricing for profit
  • Spending for maximum benefit
  • Speaking and hosting events
  • Growing by numbers

You will also have access to the short webinar series Finance for Business Owners

At the end of the 12 months there will be three additional webinars

  • Recruit and retain your team
  • Purchase an existing business or franchise
  • Prepare your business for sale

Your investment for the course will be:  

Bronze £100 per month plus half a day a week for actions

Silver £350 per month plus half a day a week for actions

Course dates:

May 2019 – no further clients

September 2019 (provisional dates)

Webinar 7pm Thursday     Q&A 10:30 Friday

5/9                                                20/9

3/10                                               18/10

7/11                                               22/11

None                                            20/12

9/01                                              24/01

6/3                                                21/2

5/3                                                20/3

2/4                                                24/4

7/5                                                22/5

5/6                                                19/6

2/7                                                17/7

None                                           21/8

3 additional webinars available from 01/10/20

January 2020 (provisional dates)

Webinar 7pm Thursday, Q & A 11:30 Friday

9/1                                      24/1

To sign up for the course contact us here  or schedule a chat  if you have any questions