What are you selling?

I did it again! I managed to book 4 back to back meetings on Wednesday. Usually (yes, I’ve made this mistake before) this means that I run late from the second meeting onwards which I hate because it feels as though I’m being rude to the other party. And no chance of a loo stop for all the tea I consume all day. This week I got away with it because every meeting finished on time or early, I had no problem parking, and I managed to find every office first time.

The annoying thing is that it was avoidable. I use calendly for booking many of my meetings. It’s a fabulous app which has a lot of functionality free of charge. It saves all those email chains backwards and forwards trying to book meetings or, for an introvert, it saves picking up the phone And actually having to speak to somebody.

But now is the time to upgrade to the paid version which will build in a buffer for travel time between meetings. I will be buying peace of mind and reducing future stress.

And that’s what people buy from us. They buy a solution to their problems. So don’t start your marketing by telling people what you do, instead sell them a solution to their problems; sell them peace of mind. Have a look through all your marketing material and see if you’re selling solutions

Give it a try and let me know how you get on