The Numbers Business


The Numbers Business: how to build a successful cloud accountancy practice has been shortlisted for the 2019 Business Book Awards and can be ordered from SRA Books, or from Amazon

This book is a road map that will help a qualified professional to:

  • Start a successful business from scratch with no personal or business contacts
  • Recruit and train a team of technical and administrative staff
  • Move from the kitchen table to external premises
  • Create a highly systemised business, which can function independently of the business owner
  • Run an ethical business, which contributes to the local community
  • Host and speak at business events
  • Set up a marketing system that operates even during the busiest periods in order to grow the business organically
  • Purchase a business
  • Sell a business

Foreword by Gary Turner, Co-founder and Managing Director of Xero UK

“In this book, Della Hudson shares the essence of how she succeeded in today’s increasingly dynamic world of small business accounting and advisory services. It doesn’t stop there; she also provides step-by-step practical hints and tips with incredible detail and clarity.

I know that being described as an early adopter bemuses Della somewhat. But, from my perspective at Xero, she was one of the very first professionals in the UK to recognise and seize the opportunity of cloud software and digital processes in transforming client service. What’s more, her firm’s internal efficiency and profitability have shone through at every stage of the journey.

Today, the changes unfolding within the accounting industry that prompted Della to act are not just well underway, they are also gathering pace and increasingly challenging and reshaping long-held thinking and principles in the accounting industry. This has no doubt prompted a growing number of professionals to draw up their own plans.

To that end, reading this book is akin to borrowing Della’s personal notebook. It shines a light on how she achieved great success amid this period of change, and every single lesson she learned along the way”

You can order The Numbers Business from our lovely publishers, SRA Books, or from Amazon

If you would like to sign up for The Numbers Business online course (with or without individual coaching) then contact us here. Courses start February, May and September 2019. Further information is available here