Business coaching


If you’re just starting your business there can be so much that you don’t know. The same goes if you’re scaling up and refining your systems.

Some obstacles can seem insurmountable when you’re facing them on your own so it can help to have a coach in your corner with a business qualification plus personal experience of starting, growing, and selling a successful business.

If you’re running your business with 1-20 employees it may well be that you can benefit from regular business coaching which will help you to:

  • look at your business objectively
  • identify your personal requirements
  • identify areas for improvements and help you find solutions
  • prioritise these actions into quick wins and longer term projects
  • be accountable to somebody so that you actually do the business development tasks on your to do list

If you’re running an accountancy business then do start by buying a copy of The Numbers Business: how to build a successful cloud accountancy practice. A lot of it applies for other professional services businesses too although there is another book on the way for you.

What happens next?

  1. Use the contact us page to contact Della for a telephone call to discuss your business and how she can help you.
  2. Most businesses have a monthly coaching session of around an hour at which you can discuss: what has been going on in your business (good, bad or downright ugly), how you got on with last month’s actions, what you want to achieve this month, break this down into the actions to take and what support you need.
  3. It’s usually best to budget for a minimum of 12 coaching sessions to make sufficient progress but life happens so there is no contractual term
  4. There are often grants available to fund this coaching and many of the necessary actions. The conditions vary but Della can help you with applications.

Della’s first degree was chemistry with management. Most of her career was spent in industry and she continues to sit on the board of a number of businesses. In the past she has run two of her own businesses (and sold one for above market rate). This is the practical and theoretical basis for most of her advice. As a former practice owner this isn’t just business coaching but mentoring too.